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What anime girl is the best?

  • Hana Ihijo

Hana Ichijo, a character from Ao Ashi, is quite outstanding. Hana is a football enthusiast, as might be expected from an anime with this much attention to the game. Even though she doesn’t perform herself, she gives her all to those who do, one of whom is Ashito, the series’ lead character.

Hana, who is a fervent supporter of his, does everything in her can to make sure that his body can keep up with the level of expertise that he possesses by creating various diet plans and workout routines for him. She is undoubtedly one of the most charitable female characters to appear in anime in 2022, and her assistance is not ignored.

  • Shoko Komi

One of the most stunning personalities of 2022 is still Komi. She appears in the massively famous anime Komi Can’t Communicate, where she makes significant strides towards establishing friends and gaining confidence in herself. main fans can identify with Komi, and one of the main reasons why she is so adored is because of her lovely and kind demeanour.

Although it is a challenging job for her to complete, Komi made sure that she amassed friends and followers along the road by making a lot of outstanding progress this year.

  • Yor Forger

One of the main characters in Tatsuya Endo’s well-known manga, Spy x Family, is Yor Forger. It’s not surprising that Yor made the list because the anime version was released earlier this year.

Yor is a fierce assassin with the ability to defeat everyone standing in her way. She is without a doubt one of the most powerful women in the narrative, yet she is also a really kind and loving mother to Anya. Yor is one among the best female characters of 2022, if not the best, thanks to a number of her strengths.

  • Kaguya Shinomiya

Since Kaguya has been a longtime favourite of fans and a new season of the Kaguya-sama anime will be released this year, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone to find her on the list. Kaguya is a brilliant young lady who makes every effort to elicit a confession from Shirogane.

Her soft side was also extensively explored this year, adding even another layer to her already complicated character. Kaguya is well known throughout the world, and this is not likely to change any time soon.

  • Anya Forger

Similar to Yor, Anya is one of the key protagonists of the Spy X Family series and unquestionably one of the top female characters in anime in 2022. Anya is a very cute young girl whose antics never fail to amuse her followers. She likes her daily life while also trying her best to fit in with a very unusual family.

Anya is a significant figure in the show who, thanks to her psychic abilities, holds the secret to everything. Anya consistently fulfils obligations to her family and ensures that her admirers enjoy themselves in extraordinary ways while doing so.

  • Charlotte Linlin

One of One Piece’s main enemies, Charlotte Linlin is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea, the four most formidable pirates ever. Charlotte Linlin was the series’ leading character this year during the Wano Country arc, where she engaged in combat with some of the most powerful aspiring pirates from the Worst Generation.

One Piece does an excellent job of portraying strong women, and Linlin is undoubtedly the strongest of all of them. She established herself as a great of the series with her savage abilities, and her aura as a villain has made quite an effect on the fans ever since her debut.

  • Makima

Nobody can deny that Makima from Chainsaw Man is one of Fujimoto’s most interesting characters, despite the fact that few people find her to be endearing. Makima is a cunning woman who will do anything to get what she wants.

She is harsh and frequently downright evil, yet without her, Chainsaw Man wouldn’t be as amazing as it is. One of the best-written female anime characters of 2022 is Makima because of her incredible strength and intelligence.

  • Power

Another character from Chainsaw Man is Power, a young woman who exhibits traits that one wouldn’t anticipate in a starring character. She may be rather narcissistic, harsh, and occasionally even lazy. She has occasionally displayed traits like avarice or even violence, but at her core, she is a caring person.

Power draws admirers because she is endearing in numerous ways. Fans will only come to appreciate this character more as the plot develops.

  • Lum

Given that Urusei Yatsura debuted in 1981, it is a highly well-known series with many well-known fans, and Lum is one of its primary characters. However, a new anime adaptation began broadcasting in 2022, and so far, people have adored it in its entirety, thanks in large part to Lum.

She visits Earth as an alien Oni, and readers get to laugh at her antics throughout the narrative. As Ataru draws unearthly creatures, Lum is compelled to be attracted to him and believes that he is her fiancé. Even though Lum can be irritable at times, she has a good heart, and all of her attributes come through to make her one of the best female anime characters of 2022.

  • Nico Robin

Robin, the archaeologist of the Straw Hat Pirates, is a remarkable figure of great significance in the One Piece universe. Although Robin has frequently been overlooked by the crew’s other characters, she got her due this year. In the Wano Country arc, Robin played a huge role and did everything in her power to aid Luffy in freeing the region.

She even confronted and vanquished Black Maria, one of the crew’s toughest adversaries to date, displaying her nasty side. The significance of Nico Robin does not end there; she will continue to be significant right up until the series’ ultimate finish. She undoubtedly enjoyed a lot of love from the audience this year.

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