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Describe shopsy

Flipkart introduced Shopsy, a social shopping platform, in July 2021. It enables users to resale items that are featured on Flipkart and make money from each sale. Only India may access Shopsy.

You must create an account on the Shopsy app and provide your KYC documentation in order to become a Shopsy reseller. You can start sharing product catalogues with your connections on social media as soon as your account is approved. You will receive a commission when a customer purchases a product through your link.

Ticket size and product category affect the commission rate for Shopsy resellers. But normally, it is between 5 and 25%.

Using Shopsy, you may earn money by recommending things to your social network followers. Additionally, it’s a terrific way to find deals on goods you want to buy.

The following are a few advantages of using Shopsy:

  • Share things to gain money: Shopsy offers a commission on every purchase you make.
  • Get discounts on products: You might receive discounts on the goods you are thinking about purchasing.
  • Expand your audience: Posting about products on social media can help you expand your following.
  • Create your own business: By signing up as a Shopsy reseller, you can create your own business.


  • Shopsy is a brand-new platform that is currently competing for market share. Shopsy is a very new platform. Shopsy is therefore lowering its prices in an effort to draw in customers.
  • Shopsy has low overhead expenses because it is a social commerce platform rather than a typical store, thus it doesn’t have to pay the same fees as them. As a result, Shopsy can pass the savings along to its clients.
  • According to Shopsy’s commission-based business model, each sale that a seller makes results in a commission. As a result, Shopsy is able to keep prices low by not having to pay its vendors a wage.

Overall, a few things are responsible for Shopsy’s affordable costs. These elements include Shopsy’s newness, its cheap overhead expenses, and the commission-based business model it employs.

Additional justifications for why Shopsy items frequently cost less than those found on other marketplaces include the following:

  • Shopsy frequently offers discounts and promotions: Shopsy frequently offers discounts and promotions on its items. This encourages sales and keeps costs low.
    Shopsy collaborates with a range of vendors: Shopsy collaborates with a range of vendors, including big and small companies. As a result, Shopsy is able to provide a variety of goods at affordable pricing.
  • Shopsy collaborates with a range of vendors: Shopsy collaborates with a range of vendors, including big and small companies. As a result, Shopsy is able to provide a variety of goods at affordable pricing.
  • Shopsy is still expanding: Despite still being a very young platform, Shopsy is expanding. This indicates that Shopsy is still attempting to draw clients, and that it is prepared to do so by lowering its pricing.

    Is Flipkart a Shopsy?

    For Indian sellers, Shopsy is a marketplace with no commissions. It is a digital commerce effort by Flipkart, a Walmart-owned e-commerce company with headquarters in Bengaluru and about US$7.7 billion in annual revenue (FY 2022).

    Is the app Shopsy reliable?

Since Shopsy is a relatively new platform, there isn’t any historical information to evaluate its reliability. But there are some indications that Shopsy is a reliable app.


  • First off, Flipkart, a respectable and well-established e-commerce company, owns Shopsy. This indicates that Shopsy has the support of a significant and established business.


  • Second, Shopsy uses a safe payment system to safeguard your financial and personal data. This means that when you shop on Shopsy, you can be sure that your data is secure.


  • Third, Shopsy has a positive user reputation. On social media and other online channels, Shopsy has received a lot of favourable reviews.

    Overall, there is no reason to doubt Shopsy’s reliability as a mobile application. Before making any purchases, you should, however, conduct your own investigation.

    Here are some additional factors to take into account when determining whether Shopsy can be trusted:

  • Shopsy’s terms and conditions: Before using the app, make sure you thoroughly read Shopsy’s terms and conditions. This will make it easier for you to comprehend your obligations and rights as a user.
  • Shopsy’s customer service representatives should be able to assist you if you need any assistance with the website. Before using the app, be sure to review Shopsy’s customer care guidelines.
  • Shopsy provides a 7-day return policy for the majority of its products. This means that you have seven days from the date of purchase to return any product with which you are dissatisfied.

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