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reverse sear steak traeger

Don’t compromise on flavour in favour of grill marks; optimal searing takes place between 350° and 500°F. So, regardless of the Traeger you own, you can confidently create sizzling wood-fired flavour.


In order to begin the reverse searing procedure, the steak must first be cooked at a low temperature until it is almost done. then sear the meat over high heat to finish it.

Reverse searing produces a lovely exterior sear and an interior medium-rare doneness that is smoke-infused. It combines the best of both worlds: a caramelised crust on the outside and a flavorful smoke inside. For a foolproof method of dealing with any beef cut, we’re mixing low and slow with hot and rapid.

To infuse smoke into the meat, start the cooking process at 225°F on low and slow. Then increase the heat to High to seal in the flavour of the natural wood fire and finish the steak with a searing hot sear.


  • Add salt and pepper to taste.
  • 225°F should be the grill’s temperature.
  • For 45 to 60 minutes, place the steak on the grill grate and let it smoke.
  • From the grill, remove the steak.
  • Turn up the heat to its highest setting and give the grill time to thoroughly warm.
  • Steaks should be seared on hot grill grates until the internal temperature reaches 125°F for medium-rare.
  • Enjoy the finest steak you’ve ever had.

To get your ideal internal temperature with 100% accuracy, use a meat probe or thermometer. Check the internal temperature development on the Traeger App or through your grill by inserting the probe into the meat while avoiding fat and bone. Are you unsure of the ideal internal temperature for your steaks? See our guide to steak doneness.

Our cast iron barbecue grates, griddle, or pan will give your steaks the rich, traditional grill markings you’re after. Check out this helpful guide for further Traeger searing advice and tricks.

The Timberline, Traeger’s most powerful grill, makes reverse searing even simpler.

Steaks should be put on the second shelf for the smoking part. For a burst of real hardwood smoke, set the temperature to 225°F and turn on Super Smoke.

Increase the grill’s temperature to 500°F after about 45 minutes, then wait for the grill to fully warm. When the grill is hot, place the steaks to the bottom tier of the racks for maximum heat and sear them for one minute on each side.

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