Monday, March 4, 2024

planet fitness summer pass

  • Teens ages 14 to 19 can join for free with the Planet Fitness Summer Pass.
  • The pass is good from May 15 to August 31 during the summer.
  • The pass is valid at all Planet Fitness locations in the US and Canada for teenagers.
  • All of Planet Fitness’ facilities, including its cardio equipment, weightlifting machines, and group exercise sessions, are accessible with the pass.
  • Teens must register for a Planet Fitness account either online or in-club in order to purchase the Summer Pass. When kids sign up, a parent or legal guardian must also be present.
  • Teenagers may keep active and healthy during the summer by using the Summer Pass. It is a cost-free and practical method to use Planet exercise’ cutting-edge exercise centres.

  • The following are some advantages of the Planet Fitness Summer Pass:
  • Free registration
  • the ability to use any Planet Fitness facility
  • access to cardio equipment, weightlifting tools, and group exercise classes
  • a setting that is secure and free from bias

The Planet Fitness Summer Pass is a fantastic alternative for teenagers who want to keep active and healthy throughout the summer. It is cost-free, practical, and provides a range of fitness options.

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