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kisan kanya was the first hindi cinecolor feature film, it came out in which year?

Kisan Kanya was the first colour movie produced in India, even though the demand for coloured movies started much later. Moti B. Gidwani directed the movie, which was made by Imperial Film Co. Ram Gopal Pandey was the film’s composer of the soundtrack. Ten tracks from the movie were made available by Gramophone Records. The film’s plot revolved around a greedy landowner and Ramu, a devout peasant who is accused of killing the landlord. Imperial Film Co. imported the Cinecolour method for colouring the film. The main cast of Kisan Kanya, which ran for 137 minutes, comprised Padmadevi, Jillo, Ghulam Mohammed, Nissar, Syed Ahmed, and Gani.

The first Hindi Cinecolor feature film was released in 1937 and was titled Kisan Kanya. Ardeshir Irani of Imperial Pictures produced it under Moti Gidwani’s direction. The fact that it was India’s first locally produced colour film is the main reason why the Indian people remembers it.

Based on a Saadat Hasan Manto novel, the movie Kisan Kanya highlighted the hardship of impoverished farmers. The movie was a critical and financial hit, and it paved the path for India’s transition to colour cinema.

  • A few more intriguing details concerning Kisan Kanya are as follows:

The movie was made using the two-color Cinecolor technique, which was created in the US in the early 1930s.

The first Indian movie to be totally shot on a sound stage was Kisan Kanya.

Some of the biggest names in Hindi film, including Prithviraj Kapoor, Leela Chitnis, and K.L. Saigal, were cast in the movie.

A significant critical and financial success, Kisan Kanya paved the ground for the growth of colour cinema in India.

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