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Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Redfinger | Destroyer Class

The Destroyer job in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds has become popular among many players, yet it may not be suitable for everyone. To help new gamers who are considering this job, this guide will provide an overview of the Destroyer job’s skills and characteristics, to enable a knowledgeable decision to be made.

The Duty of the Destroyer is a critical one; it is the part they play that is of the utmost importance. They are responsible for the taking down of any obstacles that may stand in the way of progress, and they are a necessary part of the process of achieving success.

Despite its intimidating title, the Destroyer job class isn’t meant to bring destruction, but rather to secure the security of the team. This job class is dependable and tasked with the responsibility of shielding the team from adversary strikes. Its abilities are based on speed and crowd control, permitting the player to enter opponent groups with ease and use abilities to root them in place, making it simpler for them and their companions to beat them.

The Destroyer is set apart from other job classes by its specific abilities, which primarily focus on enhanced mobility and control of mobs. Some of these abilities include:

A furious slash is created by the spinning motion of a weapon in a circle. This is known as a Whirlwind Slash.

The Whirlwind Slash maneuver enables gamers to spin rapidly to strike the space nearby, and they are able to continue to move during the usage of the skill.

The Ferocious Attack was a powerful move that was unleashed.

The Savage Charge ability is a formidable move that swings the hammer in an upward direction, resulting in harm to the adversary. The individual hit with the last strike will be hurled into the sky.

Sharp Edge Immediately

The Destroyer has a skill called Instant Blade which grants the player the ability to lunge forward and swing downwards in the direction of their foe. This strike will reduce the speed of the struck enemy’s movement.

A Call to Arms

This phrase, often used to call for a fight, typically serves as an inspiring phrase to encourage a group of people to take action.

Destroyers possess a special talent known as Battle Cry. This technique enables them to bellow with the force of a fire, then launch an attack in the area that provokes the creatures around them to come after them. As a result, the provoked enemy will lack the ability to use any of its skills for a brief moment.

The Force of Gravity

The power of gravity is something that affects all of us, drawing objects together with its invisible pull. This phenomenon is known as gravity attraction.

The gravity attraction ability of the shield is a great example of its tanking capabilities; it is a special active skill that brings in a horde of monsters towards the person who uses it.


The player can fortify their physical condition by toughening up and enduring the pain with the Fearless skill, which will reduce the amount of damage taken for a certain period of time, but it will also slow down their movements.

Constructing a Destroyer Character: A Guide

This guidebook provides steps on how to create a character that is a destroyer. The first step is to come up with a concept. Think about who the character is, why they are a destroyer, and what their personality and abilities are. Once you have a concept, you can move on to the development stage. Here you will design the character, create a backstory, and determine their strengths and weaknesses. The last step is to bring the character to life. You’ll need to develop their dialogue, mannerisms, and relationships. With these steps, you can create an amazing destroyer character.

When designing a Destroyer character in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, it’s important to strategically divide the points between strength, defense, and agility depending on the player’s preferred playstyle. Those who intend to be a frontline tank should focus on boosting defense, whereas those aiming to cause more damage should concentrate on increasing strength.

A Destroyer character should possess agility to dodge incoming attacks and become a formidable and well-rounded character. The right balance of agility and defense is what players should strive for in order to be successful in combat.

Players can get the most out of their Destroyer character by outfitting them with the most suitable weapons and armor. By selecting items that reflect their playstyle and attribute build, they can maximize the character’s abilities and become more successful in fights.

The Function of a Destroyer in Group Formation can be quite Significant. They play an integral role in the overall make-up of a team.

Having a Destroyer in a group’s lineup is essential. They can function as a tank, drawing the fire of enemies away from their comrades and shielding them from harm with their abilities and robust defense. This allows the other players to concentrate on their jobs without having to be concerned about being attacked. Additionally, the Destroyer’s crowd control skills make them effective at managing the battlefield and keeping enemies at bay, giving the team the opportunity to cooperate and devise a plan to defeat their adversaries.

In Summary

Forming a team in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds is vital and should include a Destroyer. Although its attack power is not immense, it is an imperative component of a successful team, thanks to its tanking and crowd control capabilities. To become a proficient player, it would be beneficial to explore other professions through the Redfinger Android emulator.

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