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Exploring Budget-Friendly Windows VPS Hosting Options

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Starting an online business with just a website is not the right path to proceed. When you are having a business website, you must host the website. Precisely, hosting provides you the space for the website and make it accessible to the internet world. Thus it opens the door to World Wide Web for your website.

Now the question comes who provides these space and resources.

Answer is quite simple: web hosting companies. These companies are licensed for providing the servers which provides the essentials. Not only they provide the server but they also assist you to manage the server, secure it and provide technical support too.

Read this blog to know about the best windows web hosting companies who are providing budget friendly hosting service.

Understanding Windows VPS Hosting

  • Definition of VPS hosting

The full form of VPS is virtual Private server. It is a type of server which has a virtual existence in physical server.

This hosting option provides few features of dedicated hosting. Based on the operating system, VPS hosting can be Windows VPS hosting or Linux VPS hosting. The choice is based on the specific requirement of the business website.

  • Advantages of Windows VPS hosting

This VPS hosting provides dedicated server space over this virtual space. Thus, it is better than shared hosting as you need not to share with any other websites. Thus, it is managed independently.

With independent management, comes the benefits of higher performance and more flexibility within a limited budget.

Moreover, Windows is a user-friendly OS. Hence windows VPS hosting provides a user-friendly interface too. Being in separated server space, it is ultimately secured one.

  • Common use cases for Windows VPS hosting

The business that have started gaining popularity over online can choose VPS hosting. Also those who have outgrowth the shared hosting, its time to opt for it.

Also, with growing traffic and more customizations within affordability- Windows VPS hosting is perfect for you.

Know about the factors to choose the right hosting plan.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Budget-Friendly Windows VPS Hosting(200)

  • Performance of the website and uptime

Most of the web hosting companies claim to provide 99.99% uptime. Well, you need to check out reviews for that feedback. If you find any consistent pattern of complaint about Uptime, avoid that provider.

Also website performance need to be considered.  It depends on lots of other features like CPU, RAM, bandwidth, Global CDN, SSDs, etc.

  • Scalable server

Scalability feature would help your handle the traffic spikes automatically. Also, with the growing demand of business needs, your web hosting need to be upgraded too.

  • Customer support and service level agreements (SLAs)

Not all business owners are technical people. So having a technical support is essential. 24/7 customer support must be provided by the Hosting company. It would help you avoid any kind of security breaches as well as downtime issues too.

Exploring Budget-Friendly Windows VPS Hosting Providers

  1. InfoSky Solutions

This is the No. 1 web hosting company in India. The company provide the best windows VPS hosting package even for small businesses and for large businesses too. Already, the company is hosting many corporate offices and online stores through their windows VPS hosting. With the application of KVM technology in VPS hosting, they assure you the best performance of the virtual resource that we provide.

Pricing: The windows VPS hosting pricing starts from INR3200/month to INR 6400/month


  • Minimum of 5 Core CPU is provided that can extend up to 8 core.
  • Dedicated Ram is provides for VPS server.
  • Unlimited bandwidth is provided.
  • The server has the latest security technological aid for utmost protection of your website.
  • Daily auto-back-up facility helps in preventing data loss.
  1. HostMyCode

    HOSTMYCODE is another web hosting company that is also based in India. They have their servers at different locations. The servers are powered by latest Intel and AMDs CPU. The company also provide budgetary VPS package.

Pricing: the basic package starts from INR 599/month to INR 7999/month


  • At INR 599/month, they provide 1 core CPU, but with the advanced packages, you can get CPU of 8 core too.
  • The company provide powerful hardware with easily manageable Virtual server.
  • Lightening fast speed is guaranteed with 1GBPS network port.
  • KVM- based virtualization technology is used.
  1. Domainz.in

    From instant support to free trials, you can get anything at Domainz.in as your business needs. They are the experienced wen hosting provides for last 20 years. The web hosting is particularly suitable for small businesses or blogsites.

Pricing: starts from INR 500 to INR 2500 for the first year of registration. The price may change on renewal.


  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 2GB RAM is dedicated
  • The disk space is 100GB for basic one and unlimited for the advanced packages.
  • Best customer support is provided
  • 99% uptime guaranteed.
  • Comparison of providers based on key factors


Choosing the budget friendly web hosting service can bring the different in website performance. Hosting service are not always expensive option. You have to look out for the best provider. The above highlighted top 3 companies are the best web hosting provider. Each of them have some extra good qualities while some may be lesser. Now you have to choose on your business needs, which one serves the purpose.

Web hosting would make your website live. But the right web hosting will make it perform. You will get traffic and sales. So take decision wisely.

Hope this article has been helpful for you.