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Don’t Stop! Fulfil Your Dream to Study Abroad with Scholarships

Indian students are great in academic, but finance becomes a hurdle in their path of growth.

For instance. To study in Australia, the approximate cost of undergoing a UG course is approximately INR 27,00,000 / year. If it is for 2 years, the cost would be nearly INR 60,00,000/ year. The living expense is separate.

So that’s really beyond the boundaries of many Indian students.

If you are also struggling with finance, then this blog would be help for you. We will be discussing about the scholarships for university students in abroad.

Check out this blog until end to explore scopes for your future.

International Scholarships – A Great Opportunity

Scholarships are provided to students to offer the best opportunity for the able students.

Mostly the scholarships are either Government-funded or university-specific scholarships. It can be externally funded too like private organizations.

Externally funded scholarships are a great scope for meritorious students. There are many private organizations who provide funds for those students. But sometimes the course or location or even the service period is mentioned in such scholarships.

Now exploring the government funded scholarships, these are the best ones:

Australia: Scholarship In International Affairs

This scholarship is provided for the course of International Relations. Students taken full time course for Master of Arts can apply for this scholarship. It is also known as Hedley Bull Scholarship that offer full fee waiver for three full time sessions.

GREAT Scholarships

This is only for Indian students (can apply only if you have Indian passport). It covers the full tuition fees of the universities in UK.  Some of the renowned universities allow their students to avail this scholarship

Commonwealth Scholarship And Fellowship

This for the students who want to study in UK. It is open for all the countries in the commonwealth list. India is also included in the list.

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

Almost eight universities offers this scholarship program for foreign students. This is also applicable for Indian students to visit New Zealand for academic options.

New Zealand International Undergraduate Fees Scholarship

This a government funded scholarship program for full time undergraduate courses (3 years) in New Zealand. It is applicable for the international students from any place. It is a merit based scholarship that is given to students who has successfully completed the secondary education.

Eiffel Scholarship In France For International Students

This is a scholarship offered by French government. This is applicable for students who want to study laws, engineering, science, economics, management, political science in France Universities. Though tuition fees are not covered but the monthly costs and monthly allowances are the covered part.

Ireland Government Postgraduate Scholarships for International Students

If you want to study in any Irish universities, you can apply for this scholarship.

Ending Note,

Here we have mentioned some of the popular scholarships for different countries. Besides, these countries have other scholarships too. You can consult with the experts at The Mentors Circle to get a clear idea. They have made the aboard education and application simpler. For any need in admission, contact with them.

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