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jasmin brown

Police have named the deceased as 21-year-old Jasmine Brown. She was discovered dead beneath a tree not far from Wardwell and Frederick streets, a few blocks from the church where a priest claimed to have seen a lady clutching a statue earlier that day.

Brown, a native of New Orleans, travelled to New York City approximately a year ago to attend the Art Institute of New York City, according to Brown’s great aunt and grandmother.

According to Capt. Richard Conklin of the Stamford Police Department, investigators believe Brown was under the influence of PCP at the time of the event because he was sweating profusely, which is a “classic” reaction to the drug.

Although they characterised Brown as a beautiful young woman, Brown’s grandmother Quentella Richard and great aunt Willene Coleman insisted that she was not a drug user and that they were concerned that someone else might have drugged her.

Coleman, who resides in Stone Mountain, Georgia, stated, “We know she didn’t do any drugs.” “We’re concerned that it could be a drug used in date rape.”

Ashley Booker, Brown’s older sister, recalled that Brown’s aim was to start a clothing brand called “Jasmine Butterfly.”

Booker, a New Orleans resident as well, claimed that her sister was always well-liked.

People would pause wherever we went and compliment Jasmine on her beauty, Booker said. People would stop us and request to take pictures of Jasmine once while I was visiting her and we went to Times Square.

Richard, a resident of New Orleans’ Ninth Ward, claimed that Brown always loved to draw women’s clothing and had a desire to work as a designer.

Richard remarked that she was hoping to make a reputation for herself in New York.

According to Richard, Brown’s flatmate informed the family on Saturday that she was travelling to Connecticut for the weekend to visit a lover.

Richard added that earlier in the week, Brown had called her mother from an unknown number. On Friday, a guy answered the phone when Brown’s mother in New Orleans dialled the number again and instructed her to tell Brown that “it’s dangerous out here.” It’s not obvious to what the man was alluding.

According to Richard, Brown recently confided in her sister that she had been considering religion a lot and that she “wanted to be on the right page with God.”

Police suspect Brown died as a result of injuries experienced when she fell from the tree; an autopsy was scheduled for Monday. Conklin said it might take several weeks to get a toxicology report on what was in Brown’s system at the time of her death.

Police were contacted at 1:27 after witnesses saw a woman unresponsive under a tree close to Wardwell and Frederick streets, a few blocks from the church.

According to Conklin, Brown was already dead and naked when officers arrived.

According to Conklin, police discovered Brown’s garments on the tree, roughly 25 feet above the ground. Conklin claimed that she may have dropped even more.

Newton, a ‘proudfather of seven kids, has always had his romantic affairs in the public eye. It’s his girlfriend Jasmin Brown this time. Brown has reportedly been dating Newton since 2021, and they have faced criticism for their relationship. especially in regards to Brown’s seven kids.

Newton and Brown have maintained their connection despite people’s worries about it. Of course, Newton continues to be encouraging.

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